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Singer/songwriter/pianist Paola Vera has been described as a 'truly gifted improviser' (Pete Churchill) and "A rare talent with an individual style and sound… she has an astonishing level of sophistication for someone so young." (Norma Winstone MBE).

Singer/songwriter/pianist Paola Vera has been described as a 'truly gifted improviser' (Pete Churchill) and "A rare talent with an individual style and sound… she has an astonishing level of sophistication for someone so young." (Norma Winstone MBE).



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Paola Vera

She first started singing and playing the piano at the age of 13, later going on to continue her musical education at Trinity College of Music and The Royal Academy of Music.

After receiving the Elton John Scholarship in London. In 2007 Paola was awarded a Yamaha Jazz Award for outstanding young Jazz musicians in association with Jazzwize magazine.

She has since gone on to receive several awards as a singer and accompanist, including winning 2nd place in the Jazz Voices International competition in Lithuania in 2011.

She has performed with many greats of the British Jazz scene; including Kenny Wheeler, Paul Booth, Jim Mullen, Pete Churchill. She has been a member of a number of different projects, including National Youth Jazz Orchestra and more recently Pete Churchill's London Vocal Project, featured with Bobby McFerrin at the 2010 'Vocabularies' London Debut.

Her duo performance with Andrea Vicari at the Steinway Festival featured her own material and was broadcast on UK Radio 3's Jazz Lineup in 2011. She was a member of the acclaimed 'Jazz Ambassadors', an all female Jazz group from London featuring her own compositions where she is featured as vocalist. London Vocal Project released its debut album 'Mirrors' featuring Kenny Wheeler and Norma Winstone in May 2013 on Edition Records.

She has been featured as a vocalist with several bigband projects, 'Bandzilla' (Richard Niles) and The JJ Wheeler Bigband. She performed the first set for Liz Wright at The New Morning in Paris and has performed at many festivals throughout France, and internationally in the USA, Istanbul, London, Ireland….

In April 2011 Paola released her debut album, 'Spellbound' a collection of original catchy pop songs which incorporate hints of acid jazz, R&B and soul. Produced by the highly acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Paul Booth (Steve Winwood) the album features his playing amongst rising stars of the London jazz scene. Recorded at Wincraft Studios under the careful eye of James Towler (Grammy nominated and twice winner of the prestigious City Guilds sound engineer of the year award 2010) the album holds an exciting blend of deep groove and powerful melodies. She went on to self release her EP 'Sing out loud' in 2015. Paola's second album 'Addicted' was released with Dot Time Records in 2017. Following on from the success of her debut album 'Spellbound' (Pathway records) Paola's second album 'Addicted' delights us again with her talent for crafting catchy melodies that tie together her uniquely enticing blend of Jazz tinged Pop.

She performed recently as a backing vocalist for Bobby Mcferrin in London's southbank in November 2018.

Paola is currently working on her fourth songwriting release and her trio project featuring original jazz compositions, as well as numerous other projects performing all around world.


 Paola Vera


Paola Vera

"Jack of all Trades" is inspired by Pop Soûl Jazz music classics.
It combines modern sound influences with a touch of vintage sound.

An album inspired by singer-pianists Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Norah Jones, Stevie Wonder and more recently Jonah Nilson from the group Dirty Loops… all references which feature heavily in Paola's musical universe.

Paola's original songs and arrangements are accompanied by bassist Antoine Arroyo, guitarist Antoine Dijol and drummer Emmanuel Feramus (Renan Luce, Salvador Adamo, Morcheeba, Janko Nilovic).

Once the funding goal of this project is raised, Paola's full salary will be donated to Restos du Coeur, a French charity dedicated to helping distribute food packages and hot meals to the needy.

The title song 'Jack of the all Trades' is arranged by the renowned arranger Richard Niles (Paul McCartney, Ray Brown, James Brown) and features award winning saxophonist Paul Booth (Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton).

Paola's songs are a heady mix of all her influences, jazz fused with pop, soul, reggae, disco…She loves to write lyrics that tell stories, describing and reflecting on her everyday experiences. Her unique voice and songwriting take us on a journey into her world.

 Paola Vera :

- Vidéo de présentation

Vidéo de présentation en français de Paola Vera


- Project presentation vidéo

Project presentation video in English from Paola Vera 'Jack of all Trades' project.


- Jack of All Trades

Paola Vera - Jack of all Trade


- Jack of All Trades Full Version

Paola Vera - Jack of all Trade Full Version


 Paola Vera :

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 Paola Vera.


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 Paola Vera

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- Paola Vera

 Paola Vera 


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