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A different crowndfunding label

Zelabel.com is a crowdfunding musical label of a new kind where the Artists define a Project and its different stages.

Each Prod may wish to participate in one or more of these stages. When the budget defined by step, is reached, this step is realized.

Each Prod is paid according to his participation in the Project and as a stakeholder of the production he can follow on the Site in his Member Area the evolution of the production, the expenses related to each stage and positions of the production and the Recipes attributed to it.

Zelabel also has its own production facilities (recording, mixing and mastering studios, computer data center for web site hosting, photographers, graphic designers and graphic designers, filmmakers , CD/DVD duplication tool, turners and management of Artists, ..) which guarantees to the Artist not only a quality and a professionalism of realization but also a unique speaker to decline his image and take full care of his Project and for the Prod cost of realization well below the prices usually practiced by other players in the market.

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Become a Zelabel artist by registering and submitting your Music Project. We will contact you very soon to discuss your project together.

One production by Project

Unlike other Participatory Production Sites, each Artist Project is budgeted according to its actual needs. With its own production structure in partnership with Sphere Studio, Zelabel offers at a very attractive cost a series of services that can benefit each project. For the artist, it's useless to wait for his project to be 100% funded to already work towards its realization. For the Prod, it is an additional incentive because the Project is realized more quickly and is faster also profitable.

Each artist is thus already produced as soon as the financing of the first Phase of his Project is acquired. The Prods can then follow the progress, the expenses and the recipes on line of this last one or to participate according to the success of the previous Phases after the adventure!

A real partnership

As Prod at Zelabel, you will become a true partner and not just a financier of a project. You can follow the progress of the Projects for which you have invested and also interact directly with the Artist and Zelabel. Your opinion is for us as a partner a real added value.

Each Prod also has a number of distinct benefits related to its participation in the Project depending on its implementation. Zelabel also has a long experience of professional music production through its partnership with Sphere France and has resources that guarantee the best execution of the artistic projects (musicians, arrangers, coaches, artistic direction, ...)

Our concept
Main Principles of Zelabel

Our principles of operation are clear and we are above all anxious to realize musical projects and to allow new quality talents to access the production and realization of their project.

Our monetization towards the Prods is an open book because all financial transactions are accessible to them and are detailed in pages reserved for them.

Zelabel's mission is to achieve, thanks to its independence from the classical actors and networks managed and held by the majors, to produce music differently and to offer the public quality alternative productions.

Our Production References

Zelabel and all of its partners or stakeholders are all long time actors and music professionals.

Visit our About Us page ? in order to have a list of these.

For many years we have been involved in dozens of musical productions as producers, co-producers , distributor, publisher, ...

Our label and production house have become over time one of the most important Indie in the south-west of France and we have forged important links with a large number of partners in order to have all the necessary skills to the good realization of the Projects of our Artists.

About our web Site

Our Website offers different Services to best help Artists and Prods. Each visitor must before participating become a Member of the Site and register in any of the categories.
Pages dedicated to us contact or to receive help and support are also available as well as pages giving legal or technical information. You will find them at the bottom of the page of all the pages of our Site.


Last Project - Yann Silver


  • New functionnalities and bugs solved

    A new page is available so that our members can follow the new features offered on our site and the bugs solved and made to it.

  • Yann Silver - Production Album

    Considérant que le titre ultime serait écrit et composé par JJ Goldman avec les sons de Depeche Mode et interprété par Morten Harket, c'est en toute modestie que Yann Silver tente de s'en approcher.

  • Dick Turner - Production Album

    The pieces on this disc are the illustration of the ideas I expressed in my biography in a physical, that is, a sonic form.

    Here are the salient features of the works proposed.

    VARIATION is the key to all

  • Jolie Môme - Production Album

    Jolie Môme est une jeune artiste à la voix chaude et un peu éraillée.
    Elle propose des textes poignants, écorchés, évoquant la souffrance du cœur, la peine de l'âme, la tristesse du quotidien, mais aussi l'espoir, le désir d'aventures, la volonté de dévorer la vie.

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